Final Program
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21st TCTAP 2016
December 4-5, 2015, Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas, Seoul, Korea
Friday, December 4 Saturday, December 5
Program Saturday, December 5 Print

Plenary Sessions
Opening Remark
8:25 AM ~ 8:30 AM
Main Arena, Level 5
8:25 AM Opening Remark
Live Case Demonstration
8:30 AM ~ 9:30 AM
Main Arena, Level 5
Asan Medical Center: Case #1
Moderator(s): Takashi Akasaka, Seung-Jung Park, Nico Pijls
Discussant(s): Marc Bedossa, Kam Tim Chan, Victor Demin, Javier Escaned, William F. Fearon, Myeong-Ki Hong, Junko Honye, Seung-Ho Hur, Soo-Jin Kang, Akiko Maehara, Kin Ming Tam
8:30 AM
IVUS Interpreter: Gary S. Mintz
8:30 AM Case #1
Operator 1st: Duk-Woo Park
Operator 2nd: Jung-Min Ahn
Part I: Intracoronary Imaging Update
9:30 AM ~ 11:38 AM
Main Arena, Level 5
Moderator(s): Takashi Akasaka, Soo-Jin Kang
Panelist(s): Kenichi Fujii, Myeong-Ki Hong, Junko Honye, Michael Joner, Takashi Kubo, Indulis Kumsars, Chih-Kuan Liao, Akiko Maehara, Jie Qian, Atsushi Takagi
Imaging-Guided PCI
9:30 AM IVUS-Guided PCI in DES Era
Lecturer: Mineok Chang
9:38 AM OCT-Guided PCI in DES Era
Lecturer: Takashi Akasaka
9:46 AM Panel Discussions with Q & A
Assessment of Stent Failure
9:54 AM Clinical Impact of Neoatherosclerosis
Lecturer: Soo-Jin Kang
10:02 AM Mechanisms of Early and Late Stent Failure
Lecturer: Myeong-Ki Hong
10:10 AM OCT Detection of Neoatherosclerosis: Ex-Vivo Validation
Lecturer: Kenichi Fujii
10:18 AM How Do Stents and Scaffolds Fail?: From Hypersensitivity to Neoatherosclerosis
Lecturer: Michael Joner
10:26 AM Do Malapposition, Stent Deformation and Fracture Link to Worse Clinical Outcome?
Lecturer: Akiko Maehara
10:34 AM Panel Discussions with Q & A
New Imaging Technology: State-of-the-Art
10:42 AM Clinical Utility of High-Resolution IVUS
Lecturer: Akiko Maehara
10:50 AM Plaque Assessment by Combined OCT-Spectroscopy
Lecturer: Takashi Kubo
10:58 AM Future Direction: Development of New Imaging Catheters
Lecturer: Jin Won Kim
11:06 AM Put It Altogether: What and Why Do We Need More?
Lecturer: Gary S. Mintz
11:14 AM NOGA Imaging: Cell Therapy and CRT Optimization: Results from VSEL Study
11:22 AM OCT Predictors for Device Oriented Clinical Endpoint (DoCE)
Lecturer: Ik-Kyung Jang
11:30 AM Panel Discussions with Q & A
Part II: Non-Invasive Imaging: What's New?
11:38 AM ~ 12:00 PM
Main Arena, Level 5
Moderator(s): Young-Hak Kim, Bon-Kwon Koo
11:38 AM CT-Based Myocardial Segmentation: Novel Method and Clinical Implication
Lecturer: Young-Hak Kim
11:46 AM FFRct: Present and Future
Lecturer: Bon-Kwon Koo
11:54 AM Panel Discussions with Q & A
Part III: Physiology
2:00 PM ~ 4:53 PM
Main Arena, Level 5
Moderator(s): William F. Fearon, Nico Pijls
Panelist(s): Jung-Min Ahn, Adrian P. Banning, Javier Escaned, Nils Johnson, Soo-Jin Kang, Bon-Kwon Koo, Hitoshi Matsuo, Chang-Wook Nam, Seung-Jung Park, Jun Yamashita
Keynote Lecture
2:00 PM A New Avenue to the Coronary Microcirculation: Absolute Flow and Resistance Measurement by the Pressure Wire
Lecturer: Nico Pijls
2:15 PM Visual-Functional Mismatch: FFR, Not CAG, Has Prognostic Value!!
Lecturer: Soo-Jin Kang
Coronary Hyperemia Is Mandatory?
2:25 PM Coronary Hyperemia Is Mandatory? Yes, Resting Index Is Not Enough
Lecturer: Nico Pijls
2:33 PM Coronary Hyperemia Is Mandatory? No, Today We Have a Bunch of Data
Lecturer: Javier Escaned
2:41 PM FFR Evaluation in STEMI and NSTEMI
2:49 PM Mechanistic Link Between Hemodynamics and ACS
Lecturer: Bon-Kwon Koo
2:57 PM Tandem Lesion Evaluation
Lecturer: Jung-Min Ahn
3:05 PM Discordance of FFR and CFR: Understanding, Clinical Relevancy, and DEFINE-FLOW Study
Lecturer: Nils Johnson
3:13 PM Panel Discussions with Q & A
Integrated Use of FFR and IVUS: Case Based Learning
3:20 PM Left Main
Lecturer: Chang-Wook Nam
3:28 PM Non-Left Main
Lecturer: Bon-Kwon Koo
3:36 PM Panel Discussions with Q & A
Clinical Data with FFR
3:40 PM 5-Year F/U of FAME I and Outcomes of 1500 Proximal LADs with Intermediate FFR (0.70-0.85)
Lecturer: Nico Pijls
3:52 PM Update on FAME 3 Trial
4:00 PM CONTRAST Study: Diagnostic Performance of Contrast FFR Versus Resting Physiology
Lecturer: Nils Johnson
4:08 PM Relationship Between FFR and Clinical Outcome: Data from IRIS-FFR Registry
Lecturer: Seung-Jung Park
4:16 PM Panel Discussions with Q & A
Review in 2015
4:24 PM Imaging
Lecturer: Soo-Jin Kang
4:36 PM Physiology
Lecturer: Jung-Min Ahn
4:48 PM Panel Discussions with Q & A
Take Home Message
4:53 PM ~ 5:07 PM
Main Arena, Level 5
4:53 PM Take Home Message
Speaker: Nico Pijls
5:00 PM Take Home Message and Closing Remark
Speaker: Gary S. Mintz
Lunchtime Activities
Challenging Case Competition with Lunch I
12:20 PM ~ 1:30 PM
Main Arena, Level 5
Moderator(s): Seung-Jung Park, Nico Pijls
Panelist(s): Yun-Dai Chen, Yoon Sin Chong, William Kongto Hau, Chung-Ho Hsu, Soo-Joong Kim, Hironori Kitabata, Seung-Hwan Lee, Abdullah Al Shafi Majumder, Hidetaka Nishina, Yoichi Nozaki, Toshiro Shinke, Mitsuyasu Terashima
12:20 PM Optical Coherence Tomography Guided Distal Left Main Treatment with Bioresorbable Scaffold: Two Years Follow-Up
Case Presenter: Indulis Kumsars
12:30 PM 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose PET Imaging of Severe Coronary Ectasia with Multiple Stenoses
Case Presenter: Eun Jin Park
12:40 PM Very Late Absorb BVS Thrombosis
Case Presenter: Koo Hui Chan
12:50 PM Same Anatomical Severity, but Different Physiological Severity: Comprehensive Antegrade and Retrograde Flow Assessment Using a Pressure Wire
Case Presenter: Joo Myung Lee
1:00 PM Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection Case Evaluated by CT, IVUS and OFDI
Case Presenter: Masaaki Okutsu
1:10 PM Optical Coherence Tomography Detectable Stent Malapposition and Plaque Erosion After Primary Percutaneous Intervention: The Story and Strategy Which Intravascular Ultrasound Cannot Tell Us
Case Presenter: Chao-Feng Lin
1:20 PM Best Case Selection & Announcement
Challenging Case Competition with Lunch II
12:20 PM ~ 1:40 PM
Grand Ballroom 3, Level 5
Moderator(s): Ik-Kyung Jang, Gary S. Mintz
Panelist(s): Adrian P. Banning, Ying-Hsien Chen, Ren Kawaguchi, Yuetsu Kikuta, Jung-Sun Kim, Yan Lai, Akiko Maehara, Akiko Matsuo, Aniket Puri, Takashi Yamada, Yoshito Yamamoto
12:20 PM Scaffold in Metal Stent-Strategy for Restenosis?
Case Presenter: Chih-Fan Yeh
12:30 PM Percutaneus Atrial Septal Defect Closure with the UltraICE Intracardiac Echocardiography Support
Case Presenter: Igor V. Buzaev
12:40 PM It Is Better to Learn Wisdom Late than Never to Learn It at All
Case Presenter: Kin Ming Tam
12:50 PM NIRS Detects Lipid Plaque Behind the Polymeric Struts of ABSORB
Case Presenter: Wojciech Wojakowski
1:00 PM Severe RCA Dissection Saved
Case Presenter: Chun-Wei Lee
1:10 PM Use of OCT in Follow Up of BVS in Kawasaki Disease
Case Presenter: Muhammad Ahsan Arshad
1:20 PM Stealth Left Main Trunk Disease: Disclosed by Only FFR
Case Presenter: Hitoshi Matsuo
1:30 PM Best Case Selection & Announcement
KCTA Symposium 2015
Opening Remark
2:00 PM ~ 2:05 PM
Grand Ballroom 3, Level 5
2:00 PM Opening Remark
Speaker: Sung Il Baik
Session I: Featured Lectures
2:05 PM ~ 3:00 PM
Grand Ballroom 3, Level 5
Moderator(s): Sung Il Baik, Ho Jung Kim
Panelist(s): Byoung Won Cheon, Soon Deok Jang, Hyuk Jeon, Kyung Jin Park, Soo Hwan Park, Yong-Hak Shin
2:05 PM How to Use in PCI : IVUS & FFR
Lecturer: Singeun Kim
2:20 PM Intravascular Molecular Imaging of Vulnerable Plaque
Lecturer: Woong Seo
2:35 PM Overview of Coronary CT Imaging
Lecturer: Chan Kim
2:50 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A
Session II: Interesting Image Case Reviews
3:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM
Grand Ballroom 3, Level 5
Moderator(s): Seung Il Ko, Min Suk Lee
Panelist(s): Kang-Soo Jung, Joon Won Kang, Bong Su Kim, Su-Jeong Kim, Taewoo Kim, Jae Chul Um
3:00 PM NIRS
Lecturer: Jun Ho Lim
3:10 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A
3:15 PM OCT
Lecturer: Jong Sang Lee
3:25 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A
3:30 PM IVUS
Lecturer: Il Kweon Kim
3:40 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A
3:45 PM Imaging for BVS
Lecturer: Jin Seok Roh
3:55 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A

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